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Nearby Tuscany has many thermal springs that were already known and appreciated by the Etruscans and Romans. It was, in fact, the Etruscans that discovered the beneficial effects spring waters had on man’s health and they linked their cults to these omnipresent springs. Icy waters from wooded mountain peaks, tepid waters from the bowels of the hills, boiling-hot waters bearing witness to an active and perpetual subterranean volcanic life like that of Monte Amiata, a stone’s throw away.
The amazing beneficial effects of the waters on the wellbeing of humans led the Etruscans to believe that they must be of divine origin. So they started to build temples near the springs, transforming them into hallowed places of cult.
Today, the Baths at Chianciano, the Bagno Vignoni, San Casciano, Montepulciano and Rapolano are modern, well-appointed establishments that offer a wide range of health and beauty treatments.

Montepulciano Terme 21 km, S.Casciano dei Bagni 40 km, Chianciano Terme 34 km, Rapolano Terme 60 km, Bagni S. Filippo 50 km, Bagno Vignoni 55 km.