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History of Palazzo Baglioni

Original Coat of Arms Baglioni about 1515The palace – Palazzo Braccio Baglioni - takes its name from its original owners. Situated along the Lake Trasimene road, the palace acted as a stopover post with tavern from the 15th century onwards.

The name of the place (Loc. Braccio) too goes back to Braccio I (1419-1479) who took possession of the post on Pope Sixtus IV’s investiture.
The post was well defended and prepared to host said beneficiary. It also housed offices, storage spaces and stables but above all, as the OSTERIA DI BRACCIO, it gave board and lodgings to passersby.

So, other than bearing due witness to its original owners by way of name and the original coat of arms (1515 AD), it welcomes visitors to this date, thus continuing a tradition of hospitality, simply up-dated to modern times and with modern comforts.

After a very long period of restoration and renovation, during which all care was taken to maintain the original Renaissance architecture, today’s passersby and holidaymakers are once again welcome in the idyllic, protected landscape of the Reserve of Trasimene, despite the fickle nature of time.