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Lake Trasimeno - the great glassy lake of the Italian peninsula - provides the backdrop to the country residence Antica Posta di Braccio. Encircled by an amphitheatre of gentle hills, the residence is located in a bowl that extends to nearby Tuscany. Strips of land that are covered in reeds, the three islands and the hills around the bowl are elements in the scenery that can create the illusion that the shape of the lake is ever-changing, and perhaps this also inspired Perugino and fascinated travellers like Goethe, Byron and Andersen.

Going west, the gentle Umbrian hills roll towards Tuscany where they meet the Valdichiana, Etruscan land of hues and rivers and springs, rich in elements that are beneficial to your health.
Water is abundant: Lakes Chiusi and Montepulciano appear like two mirrors in the middle of the fertile and blooming countryside.

Another perfect spot is the countryside around Siena with its hills, valleys, meandering streams and cypress trees that line alleys and crown hilltops. Villages and towns, old castles and monuments often grace the hilltops and they overlook oak woods, olive groves and vineyards where, amongst many excellent wines, Tuscany’s Brunello is produced. Monte Amiata, Italy’s highest and thankfully no longer active volcano is a feature in the West.